Guelaguetza is simply the most important festival in Oaxaca. It is the meeting of the eight regions of the state on Fortín hill two Mondays in July. It’s the most colorful dance party in the whole country. The beginnings of Guelaguetza date from the Mexican conquest in Oaxaca. The Mexicas worshiped the goddess of tender corn, Xilonen. Today, the festival is dedicated to the corn goddess Centeotl. Guelaguetza means sharing or giving. It also means 


    The warm month of August has arrived, the wind blows joyfully beyond the sea and the sun shines highest in the sky. It is a time of abundance in the Guadalupe Valley, Baja California. The vineyards look lush, loaded with well-ripe clusters, announcing that the time has come to harvest one of the most revered fruits of man: the grape. Before the beginning of the autumn, winemakers and peasants begin the process of the pick. 


    In 1995 Thierry Blouet and Heinz Reize came up with the idea of promoting and elevating the culinary level to competitive international standards, interacting with new methods and the creativity of highly qualified chefs. Strengthening the gastronomy of our region as an exemplary showcase and promoting destiny through the excellence of fine dining were the purposes of this great party. Each participating restaurant invites a celebrity from the culinary scene. This year twenty-five hotels and