Gastronomy and traditions of Tepoztlán on a two-day trip

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The moment you set foot on its cobblestone streets, you know you’ve arrived at a special place. Joyful people, charming architecture, and delicious food you will find throughout Tepoztlán, a Magic Town guarded by the magnificent Tepozteco hill.

Located less than two hours from Mexico City, Tepoztlán is one of the favorite weekend destinations for chilangos (how we call in a very casual way to Mexico City’s inhabitants). Its atmosphere is utterly charming, with delicious aromas that come from the hotplates at the market and the kitchens of the restaurants; folkloric art galleries and craft shops that fill the eyes with colors, and fascinating traditions that include festivities with the dances of the chinelos and rituals of spiritual renewal in temazcales.

To cap it all off, there’s the Tepozteco hill, which has a very special place in the hearts of all the inhabitants. Visitors are challenged to climb it and reach the very top where, in addition to incredible views, there’s a small temple dedicated to prehispanic god “Tepoztecatl”.


Millenarian traditions in Tepoztlán

Photo: Flickr - Gildardo Sánchez

Tepoztecan gastronomy

Our prehispanic ancestors inherited a long list of invaluable traditions, some of them still present in our days. That’s the case of the millenarian temazcal, an indigenous steam bath that renews and revitalizes the spirit. According to the Náhuatl tradition, the temazcal represents the womb of Mother Earth that allows the purification of the body and inner renewal through the flowering of the soul. This way, a healing is made on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Tepoztlán is well-known for its temazcales open to the public.

Another of the most rooted customs that we have in Mexico is our traditional cuisine, where the recipes and secrets that give the most exquisite flavors are transmitted from generation to generation. Tepoztlán’s main market (called Mercado de la Plaza Municipal) is the place where you can find all those traditional ingredients to prepare tlacoyos, itacates, tacos, and many other delicious things.

Taste & Travel’s gastronomic and traditional experience in Tepoztlán

Photo: Taste & Travel

Taste & Travel's gastronomic experience in Tepoztlán

At Taste & Travel, we are dedicated to designing unique experiences to discover Mexico’s charms through its flavors and most deeply rooted traditions.

Of course, Tepoztlán had to be part of our menu. Our experience here is made hand in hand with Casa Fernanda boutique hotel. The hotel's chef will take you on a walk through the main market to buy all the necessary ingredients to prepare together a traditional Tepoztecan meal. On the same day, you can enjoy a massage and other services at the spa, and will finish it with a four-course sensory dinner, paired with wines from Valle de Guadalupe.

After a good night sleep, the next day you can enjoy free time to climb the Tepozteco hill or take a spiritual renewal bath in a temazcal. A complete trip, in which in two days you’ll be able to discover the traditions, charms, and gastronomy of a town as old as the prehispanic gods.

This experience is perfect for friend’s gatherings and corporate events with a twist.

For more information and details, please contact Patricia Morán: | +52 1 55 3082 5664


“Taste & Travel gave us an unforgettable experience. It was present in every detail of the organization, and together with Casa Fernanda, they made this trip enter in my heart forever.”
-Natalia Marchisio

“After 8 years in Mexico, I finally fell madly in love with Mexican food. In this trip, I had the opportunity to discover it from the inside, with its story, its reason to be and to pamper the palate. I recommend it blindly.”
-Agustina Tocalli-Beller

“Valeria, thanks to Taste & Travel for organizing an unforgettable trip to Tepoztlán. From the first moment with the proposal of Casa Fernanda hotel, where the service was excellent, and the place wraps you with its aromas of spices and fruits. Going shopping at the local market with the hotel's chef, Ivan, where he explained the ingredients that he was going to use for the midday meal and the sensory dinner was very enriching. The spa with its water circuit was the most relaxing part of the trip. We loaded our batteries to climb the Tepozteco, a wonderful experience that filled us with energy. The town has the charm that characterizes Mexico, a mixture of colors, flavors, smells and sounds. Until finishing among friends singing in the Temazcal. The food was an experience itself, tasting typical dishes and getting to know exceptional local ingredients. Again, thank you very much for making me know a little more about this wonderful country that is hosting us and making us grow with its riches.”
-Karin Schmidt

"My experience was wonderful. First, traveling with friends who can join the Mexican tradition. The place is beautiful and very close to the town. Sensory food, a luxury. It was a wonderful trip!”
-Mónica Arredondo

"A gourmet experience combined with spa and temazcal, unbeatable. We bought at the market the food that we would later enjoy in a warm environment surrounded by nature and friends."
–Paula Olivero


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