September of My Mexican Years


It is that time of the year again in Mexico. And even when an entire country is decorated in red, white and green and expectant of the chin of a bell, it is not Christmas. Yet seasonal excitement is at par, especially when it comes to food. Indeed, come September in Mexico and the time is right to try the best national Mexican dish: Chile en Nogada.

There are two reasons why Chile in Nogada is the most patriotic and festive dish. First, the pomegranate and walnuts used are in season. Second, September is el mes patrio, the month of Mexican independence. On September 15th every city in Mexico reenacts the cry of independence ("el grito de independencia") made by Miguel Hidalgo as he rang the bell of the church to call the indians and mestizos to rebel against Spaniards.

Chile in Nogada is believed to have been invented in the 19th century by nuns in the town of Puebla, a few hours east of the City of Mexico. In August 1821, as Agustin de Iturbide traveled back from Veracruz to Mexico City after signing the Treaty of Cordoba  that granted Mexico its independence from Spain, he stopped in Puebla and townspeople decided to hold a feast. Luckily for him and for us, the nuns of Santa Monica convent came up with a special dish in his honor using the ingredients that were in season. They named it Chile in Nogada, which means chile in walnut sauce.

This month at Taste and Travel we are all into reenacting history, celebrating culture and indulging in the best mexican cuisine. Come and join the excitement of the Cry of Independence in CDMX at a fiesta family day-full of music,dancing, food and drink as well as a culture pilgrimage to the city of Puebla.

This is the month. Stay tuned.  After all, who knows! Frank Sinatra might have been thinking of Mexico when he sang "the days dwindle down to a precious few (in) September". Precious and delicious, we should add. And you cannot miss them! Details will follow.

Agustina Tocalli-Beller


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