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Discover the most impressive Magical Towns in Mexico with Taste and Travel

Magical Town of Tequila

Did you know that Mexico has wonderful villages that, thanks to their physiognomy, tradition, gastronomy, crafts and culture, among other qualities, are considered as Magical?


Since 2001, Mexico´s Magical Town Program was developed by the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with states and municipal governments, in order to show, restore and preserve Mexican destinations, with specifics architectural and natural attributes, as well as with history, legends, crafts and gastronomy always emblematic and surprising.


There are currently 111 Magical Towns in Mexico, but the list grows steadily and it

would be impossible to mention them all. Through Taste & Travel you can meet some of them, with local flavor and social sense.Would you like to know the Magical Town of Tequila, learn the way in which our most emblematic beverage is made and also taste agave-based gastronomy that you will not be able to taste in other places? Or visit the Mariachi cradle in Tlaquepaque, while you delight with the best of Mexican cuisine in El Parían, "the largest canteen in the world"?

This and more has for you Taste & Travel in the Magical Towns.Visit https://tasteand

travel.com.mx/ and get to know our proposals for gastronomic tourism. Live the flavors of Mexico as you had never imagined, with local flavor and social sense.


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