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Taste & Travel in Chicago - Gourmet México and Latinicity

Recently, Chicago was calificated as the "Restaurant City of the Year" by Apetite Magazine, and Mexican cuisine is a fundamental part of this appointment. That is why Taste & Travel Mexico and Chicago Latinicity presented Gourmet Mexico, on June 2nd and 3rd, a celebration with the best chefs from Mexico, for the benefit of the “Viva En Forma Organization” and a “Great Food Repository”.


The tasting dinner of Mexican dishes and drinks at Latinicity was a success thanks to the effort of Taste & Travel, always with local flavor and social sense, brought together 5 prestigious Mexican Chefs so that each one of them could delight us with regional gastronomy, unique and delicious, accompanied with a refreshing tasting of beer and Margaritas. All this in a delightful atmosphere with music, Mexican cooking stations, crafts and art exhibitions.


The chefs Alondra Maldonado, researcher and promoter of traditional Nayarit cuisine, author of the book Sabores de Nayarit, awarded by the Gourmand Cookbook Awards and Delegate of the Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture, David Castro of Fauna Restaurant, in Ensenada, Celia Florian founder of Slow Alimentos Oaxaca and chef in charge of Las Quince Letras, Alam Méndez creator of Pasillo de Humo in CDMX, and Eduardo Torres, of the Ramona restaurant in Nizuc Resort in Cancún, Quintana Roo; they left the attendees speechless with their creativity and seasoning.


Such was the success of the event, that Senator Iris Y. Martinez, Assistant Majority Leader, of the 20th District of the Senate of Chicago, proclaimed June 1st as Mexico Gourmet Day from this event. This is how Taste & Travel becomes a pillar that deals with putting Mexican cuisine on high throughout the world. This and other experiences with local flavor and social sense await you on our website: http://tasteandtravel.com.mx/es/ (http://tasteandtravel.com.mx/ English). Meet our gastronomic tourism proposals. Live the flavors of Mexico as you had never imagined, with local flavor and social sense.


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